50 Free Children's Sermon & Bible Object Lessons for Kids

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    Download our free Bible object lesson bundle to use for your children's sermon in kids church. Teach spiritual truth to children with attention keeping props. Each object lesson includes scripture reference, children's prayer, and links to video demonstration. Simply gather your materials and you're prepared for any Sunday School class or Kids Church ministry.

    You get 50 creative lessons plans using object props for Sunday School. This free PDF download is 154 pages in total.

    Object Lesson Messages are Fun!

    Keeping kids attention at church is a challenge. That's why a children's sermon built around a physical object is so powerful. Mark your Bible message something the kids can touch and feel. Children often enjoy learning through stories and hands-on activities. Bible object lessons are an engaging way to teach children about God and His Word. They can be used to illustrate a particular truth from the Bible or to tell a story from Scripture in a fun and memorable way. By using a bible object lessons, children can have fun while they learn important truths that will help them grow in their faith.

    Children's Sermons are Easy to Prepare

    Each Bible object lesson children's sermon is a great way to engage young minds in the Bible and its stories. But why are they so easy to prepare? One reason is that object lessons work well with children. They help to bring the Bible story to life and make it more relatable. Additionally, children's sermons are typically shorter than regular sermons, making them easier to plan and execute. Finally, children are often very receptive to messages delivered in a child-friendly way, so there's no need to worry about losing their attention. All of these factors make children's sermons an ideal choice for those looking for an easy way to prepare a Bible lesson.

    Teach Bible Stories Using Object Lessons

    A children's sermon is a short Bible story that is taught during the children's time in church. The story is usually followed by a lesson or moral. Many children's sermons use object lessons to help illustrate the story. Object lessons are physical objects that are used to represent something else. For example, a children's sermon about the Good Samaritan might use a bandage to represent healing. Object lessons help children understand and remember Bible stories. They provide a concrete way for children to connect with the story. Additionally, object lessons can be fun and interactive, which helps hold children's attention. When used effectively, object lessons can be a valuable tool for teaching the Bible to children.

    Bible Object Lessons Model Christian Character

    Bible object lessons are a children's sermon where the preacher uses an object to teach a spiritual lesson. The object is usually simple, like a pen or a flashlight, and the preacher uses it to illustrate a point about the Bible. For example, a preacher might use a pen to illustrate how God is the author of our lives and that we are His children. Bible object lessons are effective because they help children to understand complex concepts in a relatable way. Additionally, they help to model Christian character for children. When children see their pastors using everyday objects to teach spiritual truths, they learn that Christianity is relevant to their lives. As a result, Bible object lessons are an important tool for teaching children about the Christian faith.

    Children's Sermons for Preschool, Elementary Aged Students in Sunday School

    Use these Bible Object lessons with your older toddlers (age 2 years old), preschoolers (ages 3-4 years old), kindergarten and primary students (age 5-6 years old), early elementary children 1st - 3rd grade (age 7-9 years old), older elementary students 4th - 6th grade (ages 10-12 years old). Some youth ministers even like Object lesson for Middle School and High School Bible teaching.