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More than ever, kids need to learn the importance of prayer AND how to build this spiritual habit into their relationship with Jesus.

In a world where fleeting distractions are countless, many of our young believers, raised within the embrace of the Church, find themselves at a crossroads. Although they have been taught the importance of prayer, developing a profound and personal connection with Jesus Christ can be challenging.

The "Pumpkin Prayer Challenge" seeks to bridge this divide, presenting the transformative journey of a pumpkin seed as a metaphor for the blossoming of a genuine, personal relationship with our Savior through consistent prayer.

This 4-Week Bible Study for kids is perfect to teach in the Fall season to emphasize gratitude, connection with God, and building spiritual habits. This curriculum includes a 28-day prayer challenge to help build a healthy prayer life.

Target Age Group: Children 6-12 Years Old

Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

Series Memory Verse: Philippians 4:6

Big Idea: Because Jesus loves me, I can always talk with Him in prayer.

Translation: This study is written to work with any Bible translations and poster visuals are included using the NIV, ESV, KJV, and NLT.

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