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Rules are everywhere for kids. They encounter rules and directions for school classrooms, at home, at church, in sports and clubs…everywhere, really. But what rules does God give us? And why are rules necessary? This lesson looks at the meaning and importance of the Ten Commandments. God gives us His law to keep us safe and guide our paths. Just as rules tell us how to do things and provide boundaries for our lives, the Commandments keep us within the bounds of God’s desires and help us live in His ways.

The Ten Commandments show us how much we fall short in keeping God’s rules. We will never follow His laws perfectly. Fortunately, though, we don’t have to! Someone else came to live a perfect life and follow the Commandments without failure. Recognizing that we mess up reminds us of our need for a Savior. Jesus came to Earth and lived without sin, and then died in our place. He fulfilled the Law for us, so that we have the assurance of eternal life, even when we fall short of following God’s rules.

*Note: This lesson could also be broken up into multiple parts, focusing on one or two commandments each week. It all depends how in-depth you’d like to go with your students!

Passage: Exodus 20:1-17

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade

Materials Needed: Construction paper; decorative supplies; glue; markers or crayons; tape; scissors; cups; board games; Bibles.

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